Lady Gaga’s ARTPOP


Free my mind, ARTPOP

You make my heart stop

Lady Gaga’s most recent contribution to pop music is ARTPOP, a highly synthesized, speaker-busting narrative commentary on today’s culture. On the surface, this album seems like a flashy dance album, but as we listen to the lyrics, we begin to understand how her songs take us on a carefully crafted emotional journey.

The album is rife with references to the things that are seemingly the most important in today’s upper class culture: sex (Sexxx Dreams, G.U.Y.), money (Donatella, MANiCURE, Fashion!), and drugs (Mary Jane Holland, Dope). But is Lady Gaga really advocating for all these things? Her lyrics push the limits, forcing us to realize how ridiculous it is to think that wealth and fashion are the most important things in life. For example, the introduction to “Donatella” (“I am so fab. Check it out, I’m blonde. I’m skinny. I’m rich. And I’m a little bit of a bitch.”) is laughable. We are not laughing at Lady Gaga; rather, we are laughing with her.

When people tell me that they dislike Lady Gaga’s album, I believe it is because they did not take the time to really listen to the album and think about what she is saying. Through the collaborations with DJ White Shadow and Zedd, Lady Gaga says what she has to say, and she says it loudly.

In the end, people are going to either love or hate ARTPOP. It depends on whether or not they have an emotional connection with the music. If the music speaks to you the way it did to me, you will enjoy the album. To show you an example of how the music spoke to me, here’s a link to my favorite song from the album, “Gypsy.” Enjoy!