John Brown’s Body @ Paradise Rock Club, 1/25/14


Last week, my friend and I went to a John Brown’s Body concert at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston.

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John Brown’s Body is a reggae dub band, consisting of eight men and a variety of instruments. In addition to the typical instruments in a band (the guitar, bass, drums), John Brown’s Body has a brass section. This helps the live performance have a very full sound that is a feast for the ears.

I would say that the only complaint I had about this concert was its considerable length: it started just before 9pm, and it ended at 1am. Strange Machines and Pimps of Joytime opened for John Brown’s Body, and they were fantastic; but I would say that the height of energy in the evening was during the second opener and in the beginning of John Brown’s Body’s set. By the time John Brown’s Body came back for an encore, the crowd was visibly tired. The performances were so excellent though, that I did not mind.

This was my second time seeing John Brown’s Body, and I would certainly go see them again. I also definitely want to keep an ear out for Pimps of Joytime; their energy was practically palpable. It was an evening of never-ending, chill, and at the same time, joyous, music.

Additionally, the Paradise Rock Club is one of my all time favorite venues. I know the best place in the house to stand. Let’s just say that my spot for this concert was so good, that the official concert photographer asked me if I could move over for a moment so he could snap some pictures of the band.

If you are interested, take a listen to John Brown’s Body, and if they come to a town near you, make an effort to go out and see them!