Oscar-Nominated Film Series: Her


This is the second post in a series on Oscar-nominated films.


The filmĀ Her touches on some very sensitive points. Through the guise of a touching love story and heartbreak, it makes poignant commentary on society’s ever-growing reliance on technology. In today’s society, we are reliant on technology for everything, from directions to entertainment. In Spike Jonze’s story, humanity is finally dependent upon technology for love. Well, not dependent, but, what can I say — the man fell in love with an operating system, which is frighteningly similar to Siri. The story follows the trials and tribulations of a man trying to understand his feelings and coping with being in love with an OS.

Many people have said that the film is a beautifully made. Shimmery light fills the lens when Samantha (the OS) and Theodore share a magical romantic moment. This story is highly original. In a cinematic landscape in which almost every movie is an adaptation or sequel, it is refreshing to see something so…fresh. Of course this film would be nominated for an Oscar. It wowed the Academy because they have something that they weren’t expecting. Additionally, Joaquin Phoenix carries the heavy burden of this film on his heartbroken shoulders.

My personal preference is for happy movies, and this one is not. It does have its moments of joy and its moments of sadness…much like a real relationship. Although this would not be classified as a happy film, it does have a cathartic ending.

If you want to see a completely original film and don’t mind crying a bit while thinking very deep thoughts, go seeĀ Her. It might win an Oscar; it might not. No matter what happens, it still makes a pointed remark on the direction of society’s dependence on technology.